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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life continues in the same mode here. We did drive to my youngest daughter's house in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. Always nice to spend it with family. Stu did a little Black Friday shopping at Harbor Freight and I shopped online for a nice set of Paula Deen pans from Target.

I got to bring home the maple rocker I bought 35 years ago for my then newborn daughter. They are redorcorating and have no need of it. Will be perfect in our cabin....future cabin.

The weather in the east seems to have turned frigid. We came home last night to a reading of 41 degrees in the RV - propane ran out. Oops! Plugged in two space heaters while Stu changed the tanks. All toasty within an hour.

Today I started out slow, playing Words with Friends (my daughter got me hooked, errr started on it), did some reading on the computer and then started the laundry. Put the first load in the dryer and in the first couple of minutes it made a clicking sound and stopped. I pressed start, nothing. I opened the door...and the smoke rolled out. Sigh...we think the motor went. So it was off to the laundromat in town. Good news is the machines are HUGE and it was all done quickly. Bad news is I'll be using it for the next couple of weeks till we get back to our repair spot in Florida. [insert frowny face].

When will we leave for Florida? Somewhat depends on when we can get an appointment for the dryer but not before 12/10. We currently have reservations at Thousand Trails in Clermont for two weeks. We may have to shift the dates a bit depending on the repairs.

Here are a few photos of Thanksgiving...oh, and Sadie went to doggie camp. We pick her up tomorrow.


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