Adapting to new knees and life at home

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stu has been home two weeks now and continues his daily improvement. We have made a few adjustments to help him adapt to being home and doing PT here.

The first was getting a toilet riser. They come in many styles, we opted for one that mounts on to the toilet (we have a standard porcelain toilet, fortunately) and has handles on the side to help him stand up. He only used this for the first week but it was a huge help.

His initial attempts at PT were done in the reclining loveseat and utilized the coffee table for an extended stable surface. For a bolster, he used a beach pillow/pad roll. For something to squeeze between his knees, he used Sadie's biggest stuffed toy.

Each PT session is followed by 20 minutes of ice therapy, this is where the Cryo-Cuffs have really come in handy.

That is followed up with a 20-30 minute walk, weather permitting. We've been trying to walk at least twice a day.

He has lost weight and hopes to lose more. His PT has moved to the bed and is done on the days he doesn't go in for PT at Anne Arundel Medical Center. His first week was spent in one-on-one sessions with a therapist, three times a week for 45-60 minutes.. The second week he was moved into the group class, three times a week for 2 hours. Intensive!

But the highlight of the last two weeks was when Stu got to drive for the first time. No more Coumadin, off narcotics for pain and able to flex leg to specific degrees. Woot!

The therapists think he'll be in for another two weeks before they let him loose. Each visit they add and subtract exercises, tailoring things to his specific needs. He has good flex and can get his knee completely straight so now they are working on strengthening and balance.

He still tires more than he would like - it takes the body a while to recover from all this. He's still glad he did both knees at once. He also added a little to the write-up here.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Looks like a great recovery so far! Given both your commitment and determination, I'm sure it will continue.

  2. So glad Stu is doing well with his recovery. I've seen knee patients at PT in the past, and it looked so painful. Can't imagine having both done at the same time. Read his blog and it sounds like his time spent at the PT center was well spent. Hope to read one day that he is feeling better and back on the bike.

  3. Ahhh, Stu is doing so good! He sure is dedicated to his PT which will make all the difference. Good for you.

  4. Keep working Stu, and thanks for your entry of details. Years of doing Judo and Jujitsu may have me lookin' at the same surgery as you before much longer.

  5. After Jim had his heart surgery we got a toilet riser and we both liked it so well we replaced the toilet with a taller one. So much easier as we get older. PT is not fun but Stu looks like he's really digging into it and knows it's the only way to get back to do all the fun stuff. Keep up the great effort.

  6. Stu is doing the hard work it takes to get shed of the PT sessions...I can just imagine how tiring it is...Den broke one knee and used a cane for a while..That was a gazillion years ago as a "youngster"..Now?? It would really set him back...

  7. Going VERY well. As we all knew it would. :)

  8. Just discovered your personal blog too. Here's to Stu and his recovery! :)

  9. Amazing! My doctor recently told me that I need both knees done a.s.a.p. BUT I need to lose a good bit of weight first and in the meantime my hips are getting worse. Sigh ... anyway when I asked about doing both at once he asked if I was REALLY a glutton for punishment! GO Stu!

  10. Thanks for the seems like the surgery was the "easy" part if there is such a thing!

    I know you both prepared for this "event" and I am sure it has been a roller coaster......sounds like the tough part is behind you now and you are both on a roll to a wonderful remainder of 2012.

    Thank you to Stu as well for updating his page, very informative and helpful to those of us who one day may face the same procedure. Sounds like two weeks in rehab is the only way to go for many reasons.

    Stay safe all of you including Sadie!

  11. Stu, You are making wonderful progress. So glad to see how well you are doing. Keep up the good work. Doing your exercises will be life long if you want to keep the flexability. See you and Donna down the road.

  12. A few years ago Len had torn meniscus and used those things that look like coolers and circulates the cold water. Aren't they great? When he had the surgery the doctor gave him a prescription for Oxycontin. He never used it.

    However, last year he was having severe problems with his back and asked if we still had those "icy condoms". WHAT???? Hey, maybe he would use it, but don't get close to me.

    Glad Stu is doing so well.

  13. So glad to hear the PT is going so well. Not easy I'm sure but soon it wil be history.

    Dick & Melissa


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