A week post-op...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a week post-op and Stu is now on crutches. That is mainly because a walker won't work in the RV when he comes home. He's doing really well on them, only uses the walker for nighttime potty trips.


PT continues twice a day, grueling at times (I get tired watching and counting reps for him). But he knows the end result will be worth it. He's doing steps, albeit slowly and always holding on to the handrail. This photo looks like he's resting but they've got him doing small muscle moves that are absolutely draining to the body. Honest! ;-)

He has an appointment on the 11th to get his staples removed...everything still looks good. He's fighting the nerves waking up and talking to him as well as some issues from the pain medication he's on. But all in all, he's doing amazingly well!

I continue to run errands, tend to my doctor appointments and write my posts for the April A to Z Challenge (hope you'll read a few of the stories and if you like them, pass the link to your friends). Sadie is still enjoying doggy camp. And life goes on...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Love Stu in his "do-rag"...Our neighbor, who rides a Suzuki, went to the local Harley Dealer to get his girlfriend some earrings...he came back with a new Harley...I will post some photos when he stays still long enough!..Keep up the great and hard work, Stu!!

  2. Glad to hear he is doing good. I have never heard of someone having both knees done at the same time. Get well soon Stu!!!!

  3. Glad to hear Stu is doing so well. I know he'll be glad to get home.

  4. My comment just disappeared into thin air. Anyhow - sure am glad Stu is doing so well at rehab. The harder he works the sooner he can go home and I'm sure he's ready for that.

  5. Ewww hate those pain medication issues! He will get beyond all of that in a few weeks..... Best wishes for getting thru it all...

  6. Controlling the pain is fairly straight forward,a matter of drug choice, dosage and timing. If you get the drug early enough in the pain cycle you can keep the levels low. Timing also helps if the maximum effect is hits when you are scheduled for PT. Makes the work easier. The side effects can be annoying, I began suffering through night sweats related to the narcotics....very uncomfortable, I can now relate to what Donna feels from time to time. The other issue is spasms and twitches, apparently as the swelling goes down the nerves begin to reconnect and chit chat to each other. At first kinda funny, felt like someone was shaking my foot. Occasional severe enough I damn near bit my tongue. So we now have a muscle relaxer on-board and seems to have taken care of it.

    Thanks for all the comments. encouragements and concern, they are all greatly appreciated


  7. Stu,
    Know what you are going through. Been there myself, twice! Keep up the good work. One thing I know is, don't let the pain get ahead of you and don't think you are Superman and do too much. I did that once and paid for it dearly. Took 2 days to get the pain back under control and this was 20 days after the surgery. It was horrible. Do what your Dr. and PT tells you to do. Don't be distressed when it seems to take forever on the healing process. It takes a full year for everything to feel ok. Even now two years out from my first surgery I'm still working on getting more bend in my knee. It comes in extreamly small increments but it still comes. I'm only a 16 months out on my second surgery and am still massaging scar tissue on the incission and breaking it loose. You will want to start doing that once your staples come out. If you notice your scars getting thick, get some Scar Guard and apply it. It really works. The tough part was trying to find something to keep it in place. I eventually had to wrap my knees in ace bandages. Oh and those lovely white stocking...make sure you wear them the full 6 weeks. It is so important. I know...they are a pain...but worth it.
    Donna sounds like a wonderful caregiver. Hats off to you Donna. My hubby was too. He had to lift a CPM machine on and off my bed 4 times a day and that sucker was not light in any sense of the word.

    Take care you two, Godspeed on your recovery Stu, and Happy Easter.

    Happy trails...


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