Arrived in Maryland....finally!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well, we took our time, leaving Florida on Thursday and arriving in Maryland today. The first day was a short one, traveling from Wildwood to Lake City. Stu's knees were really hurting him and we decided to spend two nights in a park we had visited before. That let me catch up on 10 days worth of laundry while Stu rested in preparation for the rest of the trip.

The next three nights were spent in various Wal-Mart parking lots, using our solar setup. I was driving Scooby (our new-to-us pickup truck) behind Stu, using our CB's for communication. It worked out well but we both tired more quickly than we anticipated. It's been years since I've driven much, plus this was the first time we have done the entire stretch between the two states. Every other trip has been broken up by a stay in Tennessee.

The next two weeks will be hectic, getting ready for Stu's surgery. He has several doctor appointments to get done, some repairs to the rig and other miscellaneous preparations. Then factor in taxes...oh yeah, they won't wait. Sigh...

So don't know how much I will be blogging but I will keep everyone updated as things progress...or if anything particularly interesting occurs. LOL!

One last thing...I know the Verizon MiFi is popular with RVers. I suggest you all read this blog post as well as pass it along to your family/friends to read.

Okay, one more last good friend Karen [fabgrandma] is in the running for best grandmother blog. Please stop by and vote for her DAILY through March 21st. Thank you!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS> Sadie posted, too!


  1. Glad you arrived safely ~ sorry we missed you this year. Good luck to Stu on his upcomming knee surgery ~ I am so glad I had mine done...
    HAve fun

  2. Hope all goes well with Stu's knee surgery. Good y'all had a safe trip and hate we missed y'all. Your 3rd stop looked like it was in our back yard. We are about 15 miles from Forsyth, GA. See ya down the road.

    Stay Safe

  3. Tell Stu good luck on the knee surgery. I know how that feels as I have had both of mine replaced. Feels so good not to have pain anymore. Only problem is you can's kneel on them, but I have found a way around that. You can read my blog for Dec of 09 and Dec10. I blogged about the experiance.

  4. Ouch, driving & keeping those knees bent had to hurt after a few hours. Or even from the beginning! Glad ya'll made it back safely. I didn't know that Sadie had a blog - too cute!

  5. McGyver drove 5 1/2 hours yesterday, and he feels it...That knee surgery won't be fun, but well worth it!

  6. We, too, find we are just not up to those long drives anymore. One or two days of it really turns on us. But sometimes they are simply necessary.

    Good luck on the surgery.

  7. I see you chose the scenic route rather than travel up I-95. There is certainly nothing wrong with Tennessee, is there? I always loved stopping by the old Civil War battle sites. I'd love to know what lies beneath those sacred grounds. Unfortunately (and for good reason)treasure hunting is not allowed.


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