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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I know I haven't blogged in a while and today, it's not about us. It seems like many of our friends have had a black cloud over their, it's all about them.

Ara & Spirit
Some of you may already follow Ara and his rescued pit bull, Spirit, as they travel the country in their BMW motorcycle with a sidecar. Recently he beat a cancer scare, after selling his beloved cameras to pay for the tests. Then his bike broke down....bad. Donations are what are helping him get back on the road. You can read his story and find a donation button on his website: The Oasis of My Soul.

Cindy Hashaw
I have known Cindy since 2002-2003. She is a lady motorcycle rider who is also an awesome mom. On May 22nd her youngest son, Johnny, was admitted to the hospital with renal failure, liver malfunction, gall bladder stones, deathly low platelets, extremely high fevers, muscle deterioration, among a host of other symptoms. After a multitude of tests and a hospital transfer, they have diagnosed him with a rare auto-immune disease, HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytoss). He is currently undergoing chemo and will need a bone marrow transplant. Recovery will be up to a year... Cindy has not left his side, which means she has not been able to work. Her lodging has been covered but we have been collecting donations to help defray other costs (such as covering Johnny's health insurance premium and other living expenses). You can donate to her fund via PayPal to, listing it as a gift and mentioning Cindy's name.

Cindy Smith
Then we have another Cindy who is trying to help her wounded son. She needs transportation to commute from NH to NC to help him. In order to do this, she is seeking votes to win a used car. Yes, it requires registration but other than two messages on the website, I have seen no spam from this. You can read her story and vote by clicking on the stars...and you can vote every day!!!

Pat Henderson
You all helped my good lady rider friend win the Garage Girls bike makeover. To read the current status of her makeover as well as see the final pic, visit her blog: Life and Motorcycle Travels.

Ed & Marilyn Dray
Just before I started writing this blog, I got the news on Facebook that Ed and Marilyn Dray lost their RV to a fire while traveling. All that is left is their truck and their lives. According to Howard, "Apparently a wheel locked up - maybe a bearing or a brake - they were dragging the tire when Ed noticed the smoke just before the tire blew. When he got out he saw flames and tried to put out the fire with his extinguisher. It wasn't enough, so they disconnected the truck and got away with what they could." Having had this happen, our PressurePro tire monitoring system saved us from the same fate. Here is the link to their blog: The Happy Wanderers

So, it's not all about us....please help where you can. These are all wonderful folks...oh, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the to all our friends who are dad's or taking the place of a dad. You all ROCK!!!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS. Should be doing a catch-you-up-to-date blog soon! Moving from TN to PA on Thursday.


  1. I did send a little to Ara and Spirit. They are both true nomads. I'm not so sure I could have traveled like that, even when I was young.

  2. Great post Donna... My prayers and thoughts are with them all.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Great post and thanks for helping them out.We will help out also.

  4. That post will put life in perspective ...We are so blessed..Thanks for the reminder...and I hope these nice folks all get back on their feet..

  5. How good of you to bring all these situations to the attention of the RVing community. This community is like one huge family. When one hurts, so many are there to offer comfort and assistance.


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