Did you miss me?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

See, I'm helping daddy drive the big white truck. Mommy made the walls move so I knew we were leaving today. I hope I make some new friends! They said something about clubbing some campers? Not sure that even they are allowed to do that.


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  1. Yes Sadie, I miss your wonderful commentary when you are not blogging. Good job helping Daddy drive. Rusty does that too, especially in tunnels and under bridges.

  2. Sadie, you were gone forever and ever. But I'm sure glad I got to read your post today because Skittlez got hurt and is at the vet's and I really miss her. Hopefully, she'll be home this afternoon. It's not real serious but we're not sure yet just what is wrong. So welcome back.


  3. Oh Sadie! It is so wonderful to see ytou again! Help Dad drive carefully now!

  4. You look like you have a wonderful spot to help Dad.


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