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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Below are some excerpts of my correspondence to my family on Mom Mom's status update.. I really appreciate all the comments, notes and expressions of encouragement for many of you during this emotional time in our lives. Those that know us, know that Donna and I have been through times like this before and both of us have learned to remain optimistic and upbeat. We both share all the good times about those that have moved on and continue to enjoy our lives together. It is what all our loved ones would want and what we would want for those that follow to do as well. Sad? yes, of course it is. But most of all, we have been privileged to share this world with some of the greatest people ever...'nuff said.
Hi Folks,

No good news today. We finally got what we knew already confirmed. Mommom’s cancer is back after a 25+ year remission. Way back, Mommom had a mastectomy, she has been essentially cancer free since. A lump developed this year and it was biopsied last week. Examining her, it sure looked malignant to Donna and I, but we needed to be sure. The test results indicated a fairly advanced malignancy. Unfortunately, she is not a good candidate for any kind of treatment. Surgery, chemo, or radiation would have a severe impact on her weak heart and well worn body. She is having no pain with the exception of a little tenderness local to the tumor. It is causing some swelling in her left arm and hand that will be treated with elevation. The staff at Coral Oaks are aware of her condition, limitations and Her wishes as expressed in her Living Will. I have every confidence that Mom Mom will be treated well and will remain happy and good spirited.

I believe I have done everything that I can do for right now. I certainly don’t need to hear a bunch of whining and boohooing over all this. Mom Mom has had and continues to have a great life. She lives her life on her terms. She still speaks very fondly of Pop Pop and will tell you about all of their travels and how much she enjoyed it all. So buck up McNicol clan and continue to celebrate the life of your eldest member….she ain’t done yet.

Love to you all

Once again, thank you to everyone who has commented, "shouted-out", Facebook updated & emailed us. We greatly appreciate your love and support.


  1. So sorry to hear about Mom-Mom. My prayers are with you.

  2. You are all in my heart. Keep up the positive spirit. Peace.

  3. Sorry to hear about the latest hit your family is taking. But, it's great that you know your mom is in good hands and she will be able to live in the comfort and love of her family. Staying positive is always a good thing!

  4. Sorry to hear about your Mom, but glad that you have had her for so many years and that she is still lucid and in good spirits. I hope she remains comfortable and pain free.


  5. Enjoy every moment you still have with her! We're SOOOO glad we were here with Rod's mom during her last days.

    Debbie & Rod


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