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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sorry that we haven't been blogging regularly....maybe we'll eventually get back to that but until things slow down a bit. Let's see, since we last posted:
  1. Drove from FL to TN to VA to PA where we have settled into Stu's Coast to Coast home park. Had a few issues getting settled....seems as though the site they assigned to us was a) already taken, b) too small and c) only 30 amp. LOL! After some heavy discussion, they found a spot for us for two weeks.
  2. We did buy some ramps to help get Stu's bike loaded without scraping the pipes...especially important after he got the new ones with his stage one upgrade.
  3. While we took a few days off for some scenic TN riding, I found a nice spot to scatter my late husband's ashes. He has a beautiful view and had a great ride along the TN mountainside. Made me smile....
  4. We went to Stu's 40th high school reunion in Maryland last weekend. Had a to meet some of his old friends and hear about their antics. Toss in good food, drinks & great music...what more could you ask for?
  5. Met up with our wedding mates, Duane & Kathi, for a nice afternoon and evening of good company, conversation, a few beers and a great dinner. Oh, they helped us with number 6 on the list.
  6. Bought a second motorcycle. Yup, that's what Stu gets for putting me in the drivers seat on the trike! After a lot of discussion, sitting on bikes, measurements and searching, we found a great buy on a 2008 Harley-Davidson Nightster with only 562 miles on it. No photos yet other than a view from the ad where it was listed for sale.
  7. Heading out to Roanoke, VA tomorrow and won't be back till probably Tuesday. We'll be meeting up with several dozen of my closest women riding friends....what a blast that will be! Stu will get to chat with the other Cabana Boys attending....hee-hee!
  8. Stu's girls flew to Florida to visit with Mom-Mom. Before getting to see her she had a fall getting out of bed at night. After seeing her the first time, it happened again. She is now back in the hospital and getting some additional physical therapy. They will visit her there tomorrow before flying back to Maryland.
There are a few photos uploaded to SmugMug - including the cute little frog Stu photographed outside our campsite in Bushnell, FL (where we also encountered several deer as we came back after an evening movie), and the pics of the bike loading using the ramps (the trike, not the new bike). Also a few from a Florida bike night, me practicing on the trike and some scenery in TN/VA area.

When we get back we have to work on getting the setup done in the trailer for the second bike. We have ordered a Condor self-locking chock for it and will need to install that. In addition we have to locate a spot where we can easily load....the Nightster only has a little over 3" clearance and if the ramp is too steep it won't load without using blocks under the tires...not something I really want to do.

So life is good, we are just very busy and needless to say, the blog suffers. Most of our family and much of our friends are on Facebook and they get the quicker (ie; shorter) updates. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Well, OK. Since you've been that busy I 'spose you can be forgiven. Dang, you guys are movin'!! :)

  2. Always good to catch up with you guys. Thanks for sharing.


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