Train ride to Grand Canyon

Monday, May 12, 2008

As I posted in 'Where was I', we had an interesting start to the day with the train stopping across the road by the campground to pick us up. They told us to just take a seat anywhere so they could get moving again.

The train ride was fun, mostly thanks to good companions and a great PSA (passenger service attendant) to keep us entertained. We also had a strolling musician come through with his harmonica and guitar.

The trip wasn't the most scenic initially...typical high desert. It eventually got a little prettier with woods, hills and trails. Since it was late morning we didn't see much in the way of wildlife.

We were given a nice box lunch which most ate on the train but I waited till we arrived at the train depot. Found a picnic table, chowed down and then headed up the steps for my first sight of the Grand Canyon (other than from a plane).

We had three hours to hike, visit the historical buildings, learn about the history of the area and, of course, sightsee. Some folks managed to see a mountain lion, several saw the condors that have been re-established in the area, I got to see the squirrels that someone was feeding (against the rules) and a little lizard. LOL!

The train ride home brought more entertainment....same PSA, different musician. It also brought the requisite train robbery. Gotta love masked men with senses of humor...they needed it in our car. One of the SKPs played the part of a 'not all there' individual. Had our PSA rolling on the floor and the robber was speechless.

When we arrived at the RV Park, the train once again stopped at the road crossing to let us off. The locals even stopped to take photos.

We hustled back to our rigs to get our beverage of choice for the late happy hour/social which would be followed by a delicious dinner of chicken/beef Shiskabob, corn on the cob, potato salad and more. YUM! Followed by a delicious carrot cake desert.

The final door prizes were given out (did I mention that I won a HOP jacket at the drawings Friday night? NICE jacket...), the thank you's extended, future plans swapped and hugs exchanged. What a great event it was....the memories will last a long time.

Here is a photo of our HOP hosts enjoying the sights at Grand Canyon.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. The train ride sounds really fun. I've always wanted to do it. But I guess I'll just ride my bike there this coming weekend.

    See ya Thursday!!

  2. Did I hear there was some fresh snow in the Williams area recently? With the way this winter/spring has been going that wouldn't surprise me. I like your photos of the canyon.

  3. Great pictures of the Grand Canyon! When we first saw it, I thought about some poor hapless cowboy way back when meandering along through the trees, and oops! off the edge he goes!

    We plan on taking the Williams train ride in early October when we will be exploring Arizona.


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