Heroes Gone But Not Forgotten

Monday, May 26, 2008

by Jill Eisnaugle

Heroes gone but not forgotten
Each one resting in a field
Where the daffodils of summer
Bow their heads, sadness to yield
Soldiers gone, but not our freedom
Sacrifices dually made
In the name of peace and progress
Bravery rests beneath the shade.

On this day, we must remember
All the troops from all the wars
With thanks for their selfless service
Miles away on barren shores
Each battled boldly for the cause
Calm and harmony their goals
Therefore with Taps in mind, we pause
Honoring these valiant souls.

Heroes gone, but kept in memories
Every time Old Glory waves
Patriots for independence
Resting in eternal graves
‘neath the vast and sprawling wonder
Of the brilliant skies in May
We’ll pay everlasting homage
To them, on Memorial Day.


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