It was a two demon day.....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Yesterday I described slaying one of my personal demons....but what I didn't say was that it was a two demon slaying day. Not ready to head home after my triumph, I continued riding. Headed from the neighboring town to the east, onward through my town and further west.

Bikes were everywhere....tourers, cruisers, sport bikes and scooters. The biker salutes passed in waves - everyone fully enjoying a day that was 20 degrees warmer than normal. I was on a natural high resulting from the act of riding combined with the knowledge that I had conquered one demon.

For the most part there isn't a lot of traffic so I choose my pace, usually about five over the speed limit. I'm one with the bike. The miles roll by rapidly and I soak up the countryside, smelling all those wonderful outdoor odors that you miss when traveling by car. Sun warms the wind chaffing my face and I try hard to not lick the last vestiges of ChapStick® off my lips.

Suddenly I see a group of bikes in the distance. Since I'm gaining on them, I know they are doing the speed limit or less. As I get closer I count nine car between us. The car eventually turns off and I nudge closer, but don't join the group. I notice the patch on the back of the last's the Southern Cruisers.

This is where the demon raises his I must explain. When I learned to ride, for the most part I rode with my husband, trusted friends and family or solo. During the first two years I did ride with some organized groups but they were typically event type rides, not social ones.

After my husband died, I spent the following year planning and then doing a 42 state ride (over several trips)....all solo. In the ensuing year, I have ridden in a group once...the inaugural ride of my Southern Cruisers chapter. I've been an Officer in my local H.O.G. chapter for two years and never ridden with them. My demon was group riding.....I could find any excuse in the world to NOT ride with others. No rational explanation....just the irrational fear.

Back to Sunday, this was my Southern Cruisers chapter, out for a chapter ride. I had seen the posting and received the email....both of which I ignored. But now I was face to face with the group and my demon. What to do....I could just tag along at the back, I could veer off and change my route or I could slay this demon as well.

I expected them to turn right onto the highway north...the light turned red and no flashing blinkers. A quick look behind me, no cars, I pulled out and quickly came up beside the leader. He looked over, recognized me and shouted a hearty HEY and JOIN US. The light changed and the first two bikes pulled out. I started forward, still not sure what I was going to do. I looked into my mirror and noticed the other bikes were lagging back. My decision was made unconsciously....I pulled to the right and joined the group. It felt right....

We stopped for gas and a smoke break and I chatted with old friends and met some new. From there we continued on for another 30 or so miles, stopping for lunch. I rode back, different positioning in the group, and eventually they turned north and I continued east....back home.

Yes, it was a two demon day....both slain, even if unintentionally.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Hi Donna and thanx for these accounts of conquering the 2 demons. Way to go, Woman - I have not walked in your shoes, but I feel these are the are the best healing steps ... facing our fears. Have a lovely Christmas filled with the gifts of memories and a New Year bursting with blessings. We'll keep rolling with ya! LdB

  2. My mom, aka Wonder Woman!!!
    Way to go, now have fun!!!
    Love ya!!


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