Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gratitude SymbolA note for all those special people in my life....

Thank you to old friends for understanding when I was less than communicative. You will always be dear to me and I promise to try harder to stay in touch.

Thank you to new friends who have added much to my life. Some of you are local to me, some of you are far away, but you all mean something special to me.

Thank you to my family for letting me do what I need to without censure or scolding. I do love you all more than I think to tell you.

Thank you to my Rumble Sisters who are always there, whether I need them or not. You always understand.

Thank you to all the RVing friends who stood by and advised me when I thought that was going to be my new lifestyle. Your patience and generous sharing was greatly appreciated.

Thank you to the employers/business owners who decided to give me a chance at employment. Not only are my bills getting paid, but I'm feeling useful again.

Thank you to the weathermen for trying to keep me updated as to when it will be good to ride. Didn't do near as much as I would have liked, but what I did was great.

Thank you to my local McDonald's - staff and regular customers. You brighten my day with your smiles, good wishes and queries about my motorcycle and riding.

Thank you to my new hairdresser for REALLY understanding what I want AND need in a haircut!

And finally, thank you to everyone who had a presence in my life in 2006. It's been quite a year and I suspect 2007 will be even better.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. I just finished reading your husbands battle with SCC. I'm trying to dry the tears. As I read this I fell like it's my uncle you were writing about. I wish he had the Beautiful people in his life that you and your husband had caring for you. I wish you well in your travels and live your memories. They are beautiful. And yes your site has helped someone. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey. Many happy travels to you. Kathy in Indiana

  2. It has been nice to run into you again after a few years from your time with the Escapees handicaped group. I am a bit like you, not knowing for sure what the future will bring. I'd like to continue RVing but my new lady isn't really interested, so who knows what will happen. But it was good while it lasted.

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures, be they on the bike or with an RV.

  3. It is nice to see your entries. I miss seeing you on the forums. Life has changed my plans as well, setting me back 1 - 1/2 years. I am taking everything in stride with a smile.
    Angel Blessings.......Cindy


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