Time flies...and other trite comments

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yes it's true - time does fly when you're busy. I can't believe how quickly the summer has passed. The heat has been terrible this year, I seem to feel it worse as I get older. I see many motorcyclists out there on the weekends, just too hot for me to enjoy it.

I did ride to work on Friday. It was barely 70 when I left, perfect riding with the mesh jacket and shorty helmet. What a treat! It's a shame that I'm only 3 miles from work....and have to be there at 8am. I took it to lunch, another mile or so and then home (no side trips since it's hot right now). Felt good to get out and feel the wind in my face.

Today was a tough day....Mike would have been 65. I spent a lot of time in reflection...where I've been, where I'm going. So many wonderful memories to sustain me...I know how fortunate I am. Anyway, one of the things I considered was the sale of my house. It's been listed for five months now, due to expire the end of September. I have decided to take it off the market early. I hate living in limbo....boxes & totes everywhere, living on temporary furniture....it's time to make the house back into a home.

Since the job arrived into my life so unexpectedly, I think I am meant to stay in the house. I've always loved it as did Mike. Sparta is such a great little town, I've really enjoyed my time here. I remember when I knew I had made the right move in coming here. It was a couple of weeks after Mike passed, I was on the phone with one of my daughters and the front door bell rang. It was in the middle of the week and dark outside. Having moved from the Tampa/St Pete area, my first thought was, "....did I lock the storm door?".

I realized that I was on the phone and my daughter would know if something happened, so I flipped on the outside light and opened the inside door. No one was there but as I looked out into the yard I saw about a dozen women standing out there....singing Christmas carols. Perfect.....

More this week about life in my small town.....

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. I hear what you are saying about those special days being hard. In a couple of weeks our oldest son has a birthday, four days later is mine & three days after mine is our youngest grand daughter's. Those were always special family times and one of our most important family members is missing. I know this will be the second time for her to be missing from these particular days but it will still be hard.

    As to your staying there, perhaps that will be the best thing to do at least for now. You can always move but once you do it is pretty hard to go back.

    I remember being in convertible sports cars in the desert southwest in the summer and you didn't want the top down. The sun was just too hot. When I think about it I realize why they put air conditioning on Miatas. Well, it is also for moisture control in the winter here in the northwest. I expect the bike is a lot like the sports car in the sun, except you have to wear heavy clothes & can't put the top up.

    I will look forward to hearing more about life in a small town. I have some friends I used to work with who moved to TN after he retired. I show their town as Bluff City. Any idea where that is?

  2. Having friends is like having another heart. When your's is heavy theirs are light, when your's is sad, theirs can brighten your day.

    You can never have too many friends and this is from someone who remembers a time when he had very few because of work, and health and never having the time. Now if there is one thing I will always have, is time to make another friend.

  3. I love to read this blog. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. I am originally from Lexington,TN. I moved to Western KY 10 years ago and miss Tennessee everyday. You have picked a great state to live in for now. Sparta is a beautiful part of the state. Hope you have many happy years there.


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