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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Well, the Lily Pad is definitely stuck in the mud. Today I had a job interview...spent two hours there and walked out with a position...oh, and my first day is TOMORROW. I'm excited, nervous, happy and sad. I wrote to a friend that I had good news and bad news....and they are the same news. LOL!

The job is for a Century 21 office and is clerical. I'll be taking over for the broker's assistant who plans on getting her Realtors license. Everyone that I met was really nice and the atmosphere is casual but professional. Sure am glad I bought some nice business casual clothes last winter when I started looking for a job.

I do believe this was meant to happen...this job was only a "thought" in the broker's mind, it just happened to be mentioned in small talk conversation to a friend of mine while he was working with a Realtor in the office.

So, the full-time RVing is now officially on hold. The house is still for sale, a smaller one with less yard to care for would be better for me long term. I am thinking about picking up an older 20-25' Class C (or possibly B) - something used but not badly abused - something cheap. Then I will use it on weekends to get comfortable with RVing by myself, in preparation for the day I can finally move back into full-timing. And if that day never comes, I will still have been able to RV again.

So, the blog will change flavors....more chronicling of my daily life and thoughts and less on the RVing side, although that will continue to be included. I hope that everyone will still visit.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Donna, I've never replied to any of your posts before, but I sure do enjoy your opinions on the forums and your blog.

    Your pictures of the inside of your house right now prompted me to start sorting out all kinds of stuff around here. We hope to get on the road to full-timing next summer. Since I saw those pics, I've taken about 10 boxes of pics and sentimental stuff down to my daughter's house. The pics made me realize I better get to the awesome job of getting rid of everything NOW cause the job is enormous. Thanks for sharing the pictures and good luck with the job. Kathleen

  2. Things do change in our lives. I may not go south this next winter as it isn't the same as it used to be for me. I just got back from a nearly month long trip with the RV & while I enjoyed it, it sure isn't the same. I need a traveling companion who talks (Huggy is great but doesn't talk.)

    I think your plan to get a class C is good. If you find you are enjoying it you can always step up to a larger rig if you want to. I have given thought to looking into a smaller one myself. But I've got mine set up the way I want it & would have to start that over again.

    As to your blog, I will check back on a regular basis. I find mine is harder to come up with things to write about when I am not on the road. There are some who can do that and make it sound interesting. So far I haven't found the knack but will keep plodding along, making perhaps two posts a week.

  3. Way to go, Woman! Your new career path sounds like a perfect fit ... being flexible gave you a terrific (tho' different) adventure to explore. We look forward to reading your entries as this part of the story unfolds. Hugs, L 'n D

  4. Way to go, Woman! Sounds like your new job is a perfect fit. Being flexible allowed this great thing to happen, and we look forward to following your entries as this new (albeit different than expected)adventure. Hugs, L 'n D


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