A Helping Hand (family): Munson and Waddell

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Anyone who has known us for very long understands we have a very large extended family - VERY large. This was not a first marriage for either of us, not even a second. We both were widowed from twenty year blended marriages, bringing to our marriage a number of kids and grandkids. Of course, then some of our kids found themselves in blended marriages as well. So our current total is:
  • 11 Kids with 9 living
  • 25 Grandkids with 24 living
  • 10 Great Grandkids
Yes, as I said, VERY large. In the last year we've had two significant changes.

My son-in-law, Eric Munson, from my late husband's side of the family is battling brain cancer. The same kind that took Senator John McCain. They have remained very positive and have faith he will be able to beat this. In the meantime, they need help. They have four children with one in college and one soon to be in college. In addition, they became legal guardians of their young nephew (and our great-grandson) after his father passed away. Here is the link to their GoFundMe page:

GoFundMe Request

This past weekend we had more tragic news. One of our grandsons was killed while on his job. Kenny Waddell was working on a project in neighboring Cookeville on the weekend. Here are more details per an interview with his co-worker as well as words from his widow.

As a tower climber for more than 12 years with his most recent position being a construction manager for MasTec Network Solutions, Waddell and Dale Darling did a pre-check of the new anchors to ensure that they were structurally secure and then proceeded to erect the new Rohn 25G tower.
Waddell was the only individual on the tower when he was preparing to attach the second set of guy wires at 70 feet. A previous set had been installed at the 40-foot level.
Darling (the co-worker) informed Wireless Estimator this morning that suddenly one guy let loose from the anchor and the tower collapsed, plummeting Waddell to the ground on the section he was tied off to.
Although one news report said that “apparently a guy wire stabilizing the tower on a turnbuckle snapped,” Darling said that it was not a failure of the guy wire or the half-inch turnbuckle, but it appeared to have been caused by a shackle failure. [source: Wireless Estimater.com]

He leaves behind his wife and five children, all under the age of seven, including two sets of twins. He was thirty years old. We first met him two years ago, he is our grandson from my daughter's marriage to his dad. We got to meet the entire family when they came to visit last March while Stu and Kenny worked on the design for what is becoming the Backend of Nowhere Garage. Once again, we have a GoFundMe link for anyone who can help, even $5:

GoFundMe Request

Yes, both these funds have already raised over $25k already, but think about the challenges and bills ahead for both families. They will be significant and on-going. Thank you for any help, even if it's just sharing their story link with your family and friends.

In the meantime, remember...
Ciao for now!


  1. We never know what life will deal us do we? I'm so sorry to hear about both these young men and what their families are going through - including the extended generations. I've shared your post on my social media Donna x

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with both of these families. I so wish I could do something else, but i will be praying for everyone.


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