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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We finished our time in Twin Ells and headed to the west, over towards Watertown, NY. Our last week at Twin Ells found me under the weather. Then the rain moved in. We opted to take the rainy day and head to the mall for some walking. Other than that, I was pretty quiet, resting at home. Stu ran some errands, one of which was replacing two of our 40 gallon propane tanks. They needed new valves and for $30 more, we got new tanks at Tractor Supply.

Sunday was moving day and the rain was gone just in time for us to pack up and head out. After a couple of tries with the inverter, Stu fired up the generator. Well, he tried to. It would start but not stay running. We traced the error codes and did everything else he could think of and finally got some ice from the folks in the campground office and headed out. It's always an adventure!

The drive was gorgeous...98% of it on Rt 3, a pretty two lane road with very little traffic. I took a lot of windshield photos (too many). Here are a few, you can see them all in our Smug Mug album.

Less than four hours and we were quickly settled into our nice pull-through site in the Watertown KOA.

We'd been watching the weather forecast and Monday was clear and sunny. That meant a motorcycle ride! The only photos I took were at lunch but it was a beautiful ride through the countryside to the south, up north through Watertown and then back east a bit to the campground. We had a nice lunch at a little diner, Lloyds of Lowville. It was packed with locals and we weren't disappointed. Especially when we discovered we could buy a diner mug!

But neither of us tried this....LOL!

When we got ready to leave, I grabbed a couple of outdoor shots but this was what interested Stu...

Tuesday was a rain day, as predicted. Since we have no Directv due to the trees, we finally cranked up our antenna and got some local channels. We watched several old TV shows on Fun! Oh, and back to our generator...after some fiddling, Stu determined the new connector wasn't tight enough and all is well with our generator. Phew!

Today I'm still not 100%, so staying in for the day, catching up on emails, blogs and laundry. Stu is out riding some different roads and picking up a few things at the grocery store. Tomorrow is moving day again. We're off the the Finger Lakes region of New York. Beautiful riding area, hoping the weather cooperates and doubly hope I feel well enough to ride a bit.

Ciao for now!


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