Only a week?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Is it possible it's only been a week since we moved to our lot? We've gotten quite a bit done, best told with photos, I think.
  • Dug out all the bushes along one side of the lot
  • Had the pavers extended on both sides of the "bump-out" all the way to the road (or the tree on one end)
  • Bought big plastic planters, filled with rocks & Sacrete with an anchor in the middle, used to tie down the awning(s)
  • Bought new solar lights - our old ones were dead
  • Bought a new grill
  • Bought a fire pit
  • Bought a little seating set
  • Put out a few other accessories (flag windsock, spinning frog on a motorcycle, etc)
It's starting to feel like home!

And Stu decided to mark his (our) territory in the concrete they put on the edge of the pavers!

On a sadder note, yesterday coastal Ecuador suffered a massive 7.8 earthquake with some areas having close to 100 aftershocks. It was felt in Cuenca but no damage there, fortunately. As a developing country, the result was devastating. You can see some photos here. We have friends who live on the coast who have lost everything but their lives.

One final note - if you have read and liked my books, are on Facebook but haven't liked my author page, please do! I am THREE likes away from!!! Also, I still have a couple of openings on my HOOT TROOP. Read more here and contact me if interested. While I haven't gotten a lot of writing done, I have squeezed in some research and the first three chapters of my next mystery book, #3 in the Klondike Mystery series, "Almost a Touch". To stay updated, you can follow my author blog, my Facebook page (Klondike Mysteries & Lia Rules, too) and sign up for my free newsletter! Please....[wink]

Ciao for now!


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