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Friday, January 8, 2016

Oops, we've been back for a fun-filled week (okay, 9 days now) but there just hasn't been time to blog. We:

  • Spent New Year's Eve with family
  • Enjoyed a quiet Jan 1st with family
  • Opened our mini-Christmas (all the stuff we ordered over the last two months from Amazon & other places)
  • Drove to our rig
  • Bought a little (VERY little) food for a week
  • Unpacked and put away (for the most part) 6 large containers of clothes and other stuff
  • Did laundry (several times)
  • Contacted a mobile service about replacing our damaged jacks (and motors)
  • Got paperwork ready for our cruise (actually two cruises, back to back, our first time trying this)
  • Mailed packages with returns & a few small gifts
  • Handled two months of paperwork that came in snail mail - mostly done, still a few little things to get handled
  • Arranged for me to get some bloodwork done (hopefully today)
  • Ate out a few meals
  • Took NO motorcycle rides - mostly rainy & quite cool for Florida
  • Took Stu to the ER for a nicely sliced finger, courtesy of his new Leatherman (opened in aforesaid packages) where he got two stitches, thanks to the location and a bleeder as well as what he needs to take the stitches out while on the cruise

So everything is unpacked, today we repack for our cruise. After we board tomorrow afternoon - NO INTERNET! We will have it between cruises, while we are in port so will do a quick email check next Saturday before leaving once again. I hope to get some writing done with my new Asus Chromebook. It's small size is amazing! My goal is to finish the last 4 1/2 short stories in my middle school series, get them published when we get back and then finish book three in my Klondike Mystery Series.

Ciao for now!



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