Rolling right along....

Sunday, October 4, 2015

No, the RV isn't rolling along but our daily life. We have:

  • enjoyed visiting family & friends
  • seen a couple of good movies movies (No Escape & The Martian)
  • eaten out less than usual (a good thing)
  • completed 80-85% of our doctor/dentist/ophthalmologist appointments
  • escaped the wrath of hurricane Joaquin
  • done some rehab on the inside of the RV and the outside of our pickup
  • made some RVing plans for 2015 (including going to the 56th Escapade in Essex Junction, VT at the end of July)

We haven't done much motorcycle riding due to the amount of rain and wind the last week. So much, in fact, that the annual Red Helmet ride was cancelled. A disappointment for sure but a huge safety issue for the riders.

This week we take care of Stu's feet, both our epidermis, hopefully get the carpet in the RV shampooed and take delivery on a new loveseat, have a couple more meals with family and then move the RV to Greenwood, DE.

We are definitely enjoying the fall colors starting to show, the Halloween decorations popping up everywhere and the familiarity of the familiar. (Yes, that is exactly what I meant to say!)

All in all, it's been quite a satisfying visit.



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