Back in the U.S.A. (and a thank you to Chuck Berry)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yup, we're back!!! Been too busy to blog and will continue to be busy for a bit until we arrive in Maryland next week. We've:

  • Had a family outing in Florida
  • Met a couple traveling to Cuenca the following day
  • Met another considering retiring to Ecuador
  • Met with my BFF of many years - we hadn't seen each other since 2001
  • Drove to TN
  • Spent 2+ days getting rid of mouse sign and more mildew than you can imagine (still fighting it)
  • Getting tires lined up for the Freightliner (tomorrow's chore)
  • Getting a recall done on the Harley Tri-Glide
  • Enjoying my birthday
  • Unpacking all the goodies that had been shipped to my brother in FL
  • Tomorrow is also laundry day - going to the laundromat since our dryer still is kaput (have 6 large baskets full of stuff...eeek!)
  • Went on an all day group motorcycle ride to benefit the Tennessee Firefighter Memorial (below is a slideshow of a few photos from our SmugMug album).

We will check back in once we are settled in Maryland. Ciao!


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