Back from the cruise....

Monday, December 9, 2013

Just wanted to let everyone know we made it back safely but we're so busy that I won't be writing a longer post until next week when we are settled in Ecuador. I have photos on my phone, iPad Mini and my camera. All need to be transferred to my computer, culled and uploaded to SmugMug.

But we're busy seeing family here in Florida, doing our laundry from the cruise and loaded a rental car with all our stuff before heading to the Miami airport. Oh, and the six current cruise bags need to be gone through, reorganized (for proper carry-on the plane, mostly electronics and one change of clothes) and somehow stuffed into the half a foot locker that still has room. I'm skeptical that it will all fit and wonder if we will be loading one of the rolling duffle bags we brought. LOL!

So, please be patient and bear with us. The cruise was good (not great) and we look forward to passing along our tale!


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