California here we come...and stay...and get blown away...again! - Rt 66

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A fairly quick trip into Barstow, CA for the night...windy, windy and windy. My ribs were still bothering me, especially at stops and starts so I was glad to not have much city to go through before we got to our hotel, the California Inn. A nice king sized bed although a bit hard, we both slept till 9am, missing the breakfast. Good thing there was an iHop next door!

We headed out after breakfast for a nice ride into San Bernardino, CA. We stopped in Ludlow for lunch at an historic little cafe. Great food and a nice stop to rest. We made the decision to spend two nights at the Wigwam Motel if the second night was available. This would allow me to ride on the back, take pictures and get another day of rest when we rode into Santa Monica for our last leg of the trip.

We rode through a mountain pass, not sure which one, but it definitely got cool until we finally rolled down into the lower altitudes. We easily found our hotel and fortunately for me, got mostly green lights. We spend a few minutes chatting with the manager before heading over to our tee-pee. We loved it! Absolutely adorable...

Good thing we loved it, when we got up the next morning the Santa Ana winds had moved in...BIG time! We headed out around lunch time but in less than 20 minutes we turned around and headed back. Stu could barely keep the trike on the road and even as a passenger I was getting blown all over. Safety first....

Well, the windy weather extended into Sunday on the forecast so we made the decision to add another night, checking out on Sunday. I am writing this on Saturday night and guess what, we've decided to add another day, now planning on checking out on Sunday. While not the cheapest place, we have breakfast foods with us (since we planned to camp some), a refrigerator, a SUPER comfortable bed and great staff.

So, the plan is to ride the last leg to Santa Monica tomorrow, Sunday, enjoy the day (yes, the winds are supposed to be gone) and head back east on Monday morning. Our first stop may be Las Vegas for a few nights. Stu has a few places he'd like to visit there and we always enjoy the people watching. ;)

Current plans are to ride US Highway 60 back towards home, but that is weather dependent. Plus, we need to see how time passes. We truly need to be back home by November first.


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