Stu's Monday Travels - a tribute to the lost Hot Shots (wildfire fighters)

Monday, July 1, 2013

First, our hearts and thoughts go out to the town of Prescott, AZ and the family and friends of the 19 lost wildfire fighters.

Starting out in AR he headed towards Mississippi, avoiding the severe wet weather as much as possible.

First stop of the day...

>Lunch then a few miles more and across the Mississippi — at Kelley's Restaurant., Wynne AR

He had to tease us....

>Peach cobbler with soft ice cream. Something's just can't be passed up!eating ice cream.

Photo: Peach cobbler with soft ice cream. Something's just can't be passed up!

Then hit the road...

>My tank and the MC tanks are filled so HTFO cause I'm DTFR.

Stopped to camp for the night on the Natchez Trace near Eupora, MS

>Come join me for some beanie/weenies and beer. Latitude:33.41807 Longitude:-89.26736
Camped on the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. 

Free campsite, first come, first served. Says it's him and one other camper. Weather is good, mosquitoes are bad. Toilets, no shower he's using the water he's carrying with him.

Tomorrow he'll ride the Trace a bit and based upon weather predictions at his lunch stop, he'll determine his final route home.

Oh, and he announced that he hasn't shaved - chin or head - the entire trip. Sent me his best hairy beast shot...good thing it's dark! Can't really see very well...LOL!


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