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Thursday, May 23, 2013

June is almost here, last time I looked it was March. What happened? LOL! It's been a busy time since then, first our trip to Ecuador and then we had no sooner gotten home and I flew off to Kansas for my grandson's graduation. Whirlwind trip but it was great to see him as well as my son and daughter and their spouses.

So now for our AMAZING news....we are moving to Ecuador! joke. We're serious. Our month there convinced us that we can save significantly while there and still maintain a good quality of life. So what does Ecuador offer?
  • Great climate
  • Delicious, fresh foods
  • Low cost of living
  • Wonderful people (Ecuadorians and expats)
  • Currency is the US dollar
  • Great medical care (many US trained doctors)
  • ...and many more

I'm sure some of you have a lot of questions. We plan to move on a pensioner's Visa (minimum of $800/month income plus $100 for each dependent). We plan to live there for 5-6 years which will allow us to save enough money to pay cash for our future log cabin. We will come back to the US to see family at least once a year. We can still use Skype to keep up with family the rest of the year. We will keep our RV for the first year, then if all is still going well we will sell it. We will keep Stu's trike, I plan to sell my Sporty after Route 66 this fall (yes, we are still doing that). We plan to make the move after our cruise that is booked on December 1st - same cruise as last winter, lots of scuba opportunities for Stu.

Interested in learning more? Check our other blog (best to start from the beginning and work to current day). Be sure to bookmark it, too!


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