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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We left Delaware Sunday morning with the weather perfect for traveling. A little rain showed up on Monday but nothing too serious. We enjoyed seeing this truck at one rest area...and I missed getting a photo of Miranda Lambert's bus that passed on the highway as I took this photo.

Tuesday we had a little adventure. We saw a sign for a truck wash and the rig desperately needed the bath so we pulled off.

Once the RV was washed, we parked and headed into the Iron Skillet at the Petro. Nice decor, each booth divider was hand painted with a different scene.

We finished a nice lunch and headed back out, less then 2 hours from Cookeville, TN where we planned to spend the night. The Freightliner wouldn't run. It would start but the engine knocked loudly and then died. Stu opened the hood and discovered that the fuel filter with the water separator had sprung a leak...a bad leak.

Fortunately there was a truck repair shop on site and they had the part....the PRICEY part. After a team effort between us, the new filter was primed and put in place. It worked! Three hour stop wasn't in our original plans but it could have been worse. Sadie was SOOOOOO bored.....LOL!

Down the road, not too far from Cookeville traffic slowed to a crawl. A semi had gone off the road in a nasty wreck. Once past that, traffic opened up again. We did see a LOT of police in both Virginia and Tennessee. Must be the start of the summer careful out there!

We got settled into the Sam's Club parking lot, took a little time to rest and watched a helicopter land at the hotel behind us. Later we headed over to see The Avengers. Fun movie....lots of action. We suspect there will be a sequel. LOL!

Tomorrow morning we'll take Sadie to her doggy camp and then it's on to Nashville for five days of fun, stars and music!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Those little break-downs are the thing I used to kind of dread whenever we were on the road. Only had a loose battery cable one time, and that put my stomach in knots until I sorted it out. Turns out it was my own danged fault, since I had been mucking about with the batteries and hadn't tightened one of several connections. Silly bugger.
    My impression is, the RV lifestyle is mightily enhanced if one is handy. Unless you have deep pockets of course.

  2. Just when you think all is well, it isn't, eh?..I guess thats just part of a bigger plan to keep us on our toes and appreciating the little a running truck!

  3. Have a fun week in Nashville.

  4. As much as we try to prepare for all breakdowns, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches! Glad you are back on the road and looking forward to the next adventure.

    Karen and Steve
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