Ruts...digging in or climbing out

Monday, June 4, 2007

It's been nagging at me for over a month. I'm in a rut and seem to be settling into it way too easily.

My weekdays are the same.....alarm goes off, hit snooze for half an hour, fall back asleep, get up with the second alarm goes off. Shower, head to work, work through a lunch at my desk, leave work and head home. Hit McDonald's for an Asian Salad with grilled chicken and Newman's Own Balsamic Vinegarette dressing and a senior cup of coffee (50 cent coffee). Get a coffee refill and a low-fat ice cream cone while I read for an hour. Head home again, check the mail, toss everything on the counter, settle onto the sofa, check caller ID and voicemail, turn on the laptop and TV. Next thing I know, it's after midnight and past my bedtime once more.

The weekends aren't much different....I try to get a few things done around the house but for some reason have been having a really hard time motivating myself. I do the critical things and the rest waits.

I'm in a rut and seem to be sinking deeper. While chatting with a new friend from Knoxville, the subject of RVing dreams came up again. I explained my whole history and why I wasn't full-timing. The talk seemed to have set some things in motion....

This past week I have spent a lot of time getting back into the RVing world - forums, magazines, books, etc. It is really calling to me, telling me to get out of this rut and do what I proclaim I have been doing (but for the last year haven't).

Life is truly too short, so I've made a decision....whether I sell, rent or leave the house empty is still undecided. But come September when I start receiving my widow's Social Security in addition to Mike's small pension income, I will hit the road. It may be part-time while I work part-time or it may be full-time. It will most probably be in a vintage (OLD) motorhome and I will, for now, pull a small trailer with my Harley for local transportation.

Down the road....only time will tell. But the decision has been made, the notebook for developing the plan has been started, the countdown is ticking! Before I know it, I will be ON THE ROAD AGAIN!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Froggi..I've enjoyed reading your posts from time to time on the escapees forum...I want to say Way to go girl! You've made a decision, now you can go to the rving life. I'll use you as an example to my big sister who needs a boost in morale that a single woman over 50 can so! Keep on keepin on!
    Linda...still roamin

  2. Hi Donna,

    Good luck in your decision. I've been in the same rut as you. I keep waiting for the time to be right and the stars to align! :-) Hasn't happened yet but I'll get it all worked out at some point. Money has also been an issue for me and with gas prices the RV lifestyle gets more costly. I've enjoyed your blog and pasts comments on Escapees. Best of luck and maybe I'll see you out there some day.
    Bill from MN

  3. Welcome Back!!!!
    I was reading your post sometime back when you where really thinking about rv'ing than it seemed as if you wandered away, just on a wim I checked your page this morning and read your news. Glad to hear your going to give it a go. Hey whats the worse thing to happen, you go back to your mundane job and asian salad!!! Oh by the way ... I'm at that mundane job but I bring my own lunch and also work through it at my desk... I have some time before hitting the road will be feasible,(financialy) so in the mean time I ride on the shirt tails of bloggers like you!!!

  4. Donna, you *know* how I feel - you are my hero! :) A few years ago, we owned campers and motorhomes and I really got the bug for the full-time RV life. But - woops, I started riding motorcycles instead... sold the motorhome to pay for a bike, and have been without an RV for a few years... until now! We just bought a 27 foot Tioga Montara class C and hope to tote the bikes on some riding vacations over the next couple of years. The truth is, the full-time RV lifestyle calls my name too - I applaud you for taking your dream back, and I hope to see you on the road one of these days!! Love ya, Janet from WWR/RSBS

  5. Go, girl!! I sincerely hope that when I'm past 50 and retired that I will have your courage and gumptian to get out on the road myself. You only live life once and while you're at it you might as well live your dreams.

    Good luck!! Luanne

  6. You go girl, no time to be in a rut, Get out there and do what you want. If your wants change, then you change. You have a lot of friends to visit and a lot of friends to cheer you on.
    Bob Johnson

  7. As you already heard me say, WOO HOO!!!

    *lol* :-)

    To follow your heart and let the road guide you will set you free, Donna... it will be what it will be. Can't wait to read about all your new adventures...



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