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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dating has always been a traumatic least for me. An awkward, homely geek in high school quickly became a young mother who turned into a divorced single mother who once again quickly became a wife again. Not much room in there for dating....just the usual ups and downs of marriages made in haste and for the wrong reasons.

But at least my 20's-40's found me healthy, confident and reasonable attractive to the opposite sex. As I approach an age that I equate with finally being a senior citizen, I find myself single and not so sure I want to be looking. I mean why should I? I do what I want, when I want. If I want popcorn and ice cream for dinner, that's fine. If I want to veg away the evening watching television or reading, no one will complain. Got the urge to take a road trip? No problem, tell the neighbors to watch the house and head off.

Of course it also means that there is no one to listen to my daily ups and downs, no one to share those dreaded household chores, no one cuddle with on a cold day, no one to let me know that I am a wife, lover and best friend. Maybe I had better rethink this dating thing....

I've got it all figured out....about my health insurance that is. Simple....just gonna marry someone with group insurance. Heck, we don't have to live together...we don't even have to like each other! I mean think about it....people get married to live in this country. So why not? Think it'll work? Probably not....but it's a thought! LOL!!!

I'm sure you all remember my house-selling drama, I was going to sell the house and go RVing full-time. Got a contract on the house, sold everything just to have the buyer back out two weeks before closing. No other offers were forthcoming and I decided that the house just wasn't meant to sell and took it off the market. Oh, and then I re-bought everything.

Today, out of the blue, my UPS man saw me in McDonald's and asked if I would still consider selling my house. He and his wife love mine but they had no contract on theirs so never placed on offer. Well, they now have a contract on theirs and are interested in mine again. What to to give this some thought.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. As you know I have been through a similar loss as you experienced. I loved being married and wanted to get back to that way of living. I also felt that at 61 I was too young to want to spend the rest of my life alone, even though as you said there are some advantages.

    But where to find a lady as wonderful as the one I lost, that was my problem. I joined an online dating service and met a few interesting people there but the one I am marrying was not found that way. We both had lost long time spouses, live in the same town and somehow happened to find each other. And we only lived two blocks apart! We are getting married a week from today, April 28th. Don't give up on opportunity. You never know when the right one will come into your life.

    As to selling your house, I don't know the answer to that one. You will have to look over your options and make the decision. If you want to stay there and continue working awhile longer and if it is hard to find a buyer for your house & you can find a place to rent, that would help make the choice. If you decide you want to quit work, buy an RV & hit the road, again it would be an easy choice. But it sounds like a good position to be in.

  2. You are a wonderfully smart and intuitive lady. I am sure that you will know whether or not this is the thing to do.

    You should have a buy clause tho' for the UPS guy - just in case....I like the idea of you doing it, but I am just an internet friend [stranger?]

    Here's hoping the best decision comes your way [and a wee bit selfish part hopes you get the RV 'cause Skip would LOVE the stories...heehee...just joshing!]



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