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Monday, July 3, 2006

They say, and I believe, that everything happens for a reason. I hope that reason becomes apparent the buyer backed out of the sale of the house. The realtor and I both think that her kids talked her out of it....they wanted her in an apartment (less maintenance for them I suspect) and really didn't want her to buy a house. I think they wore her down.

So, the search for a new buyer starts.....wish me luck! The toughest part is the house isn't in shape to show well....most of the furniture is gone and there are a ton of boxes, totes and plastic bags scattered around. Guess I need to concentrate on getting them all into one room.

The biggest frustration to me is that I thought I had finally found the perfect rig - a Heartland Cyclone toy hauler. Dealer is close by, has great prices and a top reputation for service. We've been emailing for several days and were coming to terms on add-ons. All that was left was for me to physically visit and put down a deposit if I liked it.

So....I continue to roll along on the roller coaster of life.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. And this is from the buyer who pushed you to move the closing date two weeks earlier for her convenience? Wow, I hope you had a decent earnest money agreement! I'd keep it.

    I haven't looked at that toy hauler you mention but isn't it a trailer? I thought you were pretty much set on a motorhome?

    My brother has been here since Fri but he heads home tomorrow & I'll start loading my RV then for my summer trip. I'll leave Wed for Moscow and LoW, then a bit over two weeks in Spokane & get back home about Aug 2. I hope you will be back into the house SOLD mode by then. It sounds like you have a pretty hot real estate market there so it should move if the price isn't too high. And it apparently isn't as you did have a willing buyer.


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