Winding down here in the US....

Where has the time gone? We flew into the US on August 29th (overnight flight) and we fly out on October 29th (late day flight). We'll spend the night in Guayaquil and our good friend, Emilio, will pick up for our 4 hr drive through the mountains on the morning of the 30th.

We've seen (or will see before the week is out) over 75% of our family, still missing my son in Ohio, my step-family in New York, my daughter and more step-family in Colorado. We'll see my youngest daughter and her family on our drive to Florida.

All our medical appointments are now complete, only outstanding item is the glasses I ordered from JC Penney. They weren't in before we left, now hoping they will arrive in time to be shipped to Florida. Really liked them and excited about going back to a larger frame (better for us folks with progressive lenses). All other medical/dental/vision issues are good until next year (and I will get our eye appointments done FIRST next time around).

A lot of other things have gotten accomplished - I attended the Writers' Police Academy, we traded in both our Harley's for the new Tri-Glide (named 'Black Cherry' rather than Big Red), I had my first visit to Ocean City, MD where I had my first Thrasher's Fries (yum).

We ate out too much, saw some good movies (and one not so good), we went for a motorcycle ride with friends, we bought new clothes, we bought things to take back to Ecuador, we had meals with friends (yeah, that's part of the eating too much...LOL), we visited family, we got wiggles and licks from Sadie, we got repairs done on the rig (thanks to my talented hubby who fixed the stuck exhaust brake on the Freightliner and the mouse/squirrel chewed wire for the back-up camera), participated in the Red Helmet ride (hubby did, I was fighting a reaction to my first senior *high dose flu shot), got lots of hugs & kisses from grandkids and more.

We had a wonderful drive from Maryland here, the trees were gorgeous and the weather cooperated wonderfully. We spent the night in two truck stops and used free WiFi where we could. A couple of interesting folks were met along the way. At lunch yesterday we saw two ladies about our age - identical twins. Dressed the same from earrings to shoes, even had the same haircut. We thought they might be going to a Twin Event since they were comparing their little date books.

Then last night we met a group of young men from Lenoir City who were moving a load of hay. Stu had noticed them inside and commented on how quickly they ate. When we walked outside to check out a new parking spot for the rig, they were all standing beside their truck/trailer with two seriously blown tires. We commented on having "been there, done that". When Stu walked off to get the rig, I continued chatting with the one who owned the truck. A friend was coming to pick them up and he hoped to find two tires today, cheaper than what he had been quoted locally. He was pleased we would be beside his truck, obviously nervous about leaving it unattended overnight. As they loaded into the friend's car, he pulled a cooler out of the back and offered me some Corn Liquor. I declined with a smile and he chuckled, "Well, I had to ask."

So now we are now sitting on our property in TN where we will spend the week doing all those last minute items that have to be dealt with: packing, banking, packing, utilities, packing, winterizing all the vehicles and oh yeah, packing! Won't be much time for blogging until we are back in Ecuador, then we'll do a little recap comparison of our thoughts of living in both places.

Bike Ride to Ocean City, MD

The weather was perfect, no jacket needed, sunny but not too hot. We piled onto the Tri-Glide and headed to Ocean City, MD for the day. Stu grew up in this area and has been many times since he was a boy. Me? I'd never been, even though we come to MD every year. I'd heard so much about it and Thrasher's Fries, I knew it was time to finally visit.

The ride there goes from farm land to small town to small cities, back to farm land and small towns. Very enjoyable riding!

[remember to click thumbnails to see larger images]

We parked the bike and spent the day walking along the boardwalk. As anticipated, our first stop was Thrasher's for some fries. They were as good as I'd been told (already craving more). We had a young pigeon settle in by our feet but he wasn't all that interested in the fries, not like the sea gulls were.

Here are some shots from the day - you can see them all in my SmugMug album. I took a LOT of photos...LOL!

We ended the day with a beer and dinner at the Frog Bar & Grill where saw the start of a pretty sunset.

The ride home gave us the prettiest sunset yet! Enjoy....I did!

It was just about the perfect day!

A little family time...

Even though we have several weeks here in the mid-Atlantic, it can be difficult to schedule time with family. We're running errands, visiting doctors, making repairs and they're busy with work, family obligations and their own leisure time activities.

Last Saturday night we finally managed to meet Stu's youngest daughter and her husband for dinner. Oh yeah, they brought along our newest grandbaby for me to meet for the first time. What a little doll!! Here are a few photos....

On Sunday we watched Jesse and Olivia, Stu's oldest daughter's girls, play soccer.
Jesse (hot pink shorts) takes her soccer seriously.

Her older sister, Olivia, does as well!

The newest, baby Waverly, models the latest hat fashions.

We are obviously enjoying our time here in the US, spending time with family and eating all the food treats we can't get in Ecuador (still need to get my Double T Diner Philly Cheese Steak and Rustico's Italian dinner).

We also took a ride on the new trike over to Ocean City, MD. I had never been and being off-season it was a real treat even though many stores were closed. Thrasher's Fries were first on our list, we walked the boardwalk for what seemed like miles, met some friends that Stu used to work with and talked about living in Ecuador, splurged at Dunkin' Donuts and bought a couple of t-shirts before ending the day at the Frog Bar and Grill. ;) LOTS of photos to follow later...when we aren't borrowing WiFi and I can get them all uploaded.

Today we are taking Livie and Jesse to see "Box Trolls" but first they wanted to sit on the new trike. Looking good!

Tomorrow Stu is going with a couple of buddies to the Dover Nascar races, I hope to get some writing done...or maybe just do a Syfy TV binge. ;) On Monday we move back to our MD driveway home for two weeks before driving the rig back to TN. Still more friends to see, more family time coming and a couple of medical appointments to keep.

Oh, writing? Not so much...I feel bad I haven't been able to tackle it but I do feel family comes first. Then sleep - yeah, they wear me out. LOL!

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