Quick Overview of Escapade Arrival

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A quiet night  Saturday and Sunday morning we headed over shortly after nine to check out the vendors. Stu wanted to get our awning replacements set up ASAP. We need the two big awnings, all three window awnings and all three slide toppers replaced. Talking to the Ken Thompson of Shade Pro RV Awnings (800-328-5100), we also decided to get window awnings for the two garage windows. Sometimes we'd love to leave the windows open during a light rain and now we can.

Next stop was talking to the satellite TV guys. There were two vendors - I went to one and Stu went to the other. We haven't been able to use our automatic dish since we upgraded to the Genie last September. We hope this will be a minor fix.

Final stop for Stu was Daryl Lawrence's booth to buy a new tire monitoring system. Our current one is the one I bought from now retired Mike & Pat McFall back in March 2008. It has served us well but it's dying and the technology has improved dramatically. We had chatted with Daryl when we had dinner with him and Cheri back in FL (oh yeah, Nick & Terry Russell as well as Charles & Chris Yust were there, too). We talked about the tire monitoring system Daryl sold and found out that was the one Nick was using and recommending.

Daryl is the one who sold us (and installed) our Progressive EMS system at one of the Gypsy Journal Rallies that Nick & Terry used to host. It has saved us time and time again from electrical disaster (we highly recommend getting an on-board electrical management system).

We also managed to get in some hugs from Charles & Chris Yust who were busy with insurance questions & quotes as well as Chris & Jim Guld, our good "Geeks on Tour" friends (who also scuba dive).

A final walk down the Chapter and BOF tables and we headed back for the night. Here are a few photos...

Will post more on Thursday, last day of the rally. All our purchasing should be done, most meet & greets done, too. Friday we are on a HOP to visit some local things - an all day event. Saturday will be a full rest day!!

Oh, so far I have gotten just under 2000 words written in Almost a Touch (book three in my Klondike Mysteries) - no more done today since I've been helping a friend with some blog issues. ;)

Ciao for now!

We made it to the Escapade!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

We managed to get out of Twin Ells park by 10:30, only 30 minutes after our target time. The drive was scenic and took us through some pretty little towns. Two bridges to get across Lake Champlain and then we were on the interstate. A fuel stop, that just "happened" to have a Dunkin' Donuts attached, and we arrived in Essex Junction between 12:30-1:00ish.

The parking crew was amazing! What a great job they did, got us parked where we could easily unload the bike. It was quite warm as we set up, but shortly after two we walked over to the registration area. Registration was quick and easy, we got our badges and what we need for our HOP at the end of the Escapade. 

We met several friends along the way; John Hatch, Jan & Bill Mains as well as Barb & Tom Westerfield. We are greatly missing Nick & Terry Russell, Jan & Greg White, JC & Bev Webber, Jim & Ellie Meacham, Renee & Dave Zittel, Mike & Elaine Loscher and many more who couldn't make it here this time. We hope to see all of them again as we travel the next couple of years. 

I took a lot of great photos along the way, not sure if I can get them to load in this app (I'm writing this on my iPad Mini). If not, they will be in a later post. 

Well that seemed work...here is a scary bridge. No height markings but we cleared it. Phew! 

As we walked outside after registration and chatting with friends, this was the sight in front of us. Yikes!

We made it back before it hit...here is a composite photo. 

Well, time to relax for the evening. Tomorrow we will check out the vendors and meet more friends, both old and new!

Ciao for now!

Sing it! "North to....", ummm, New York?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's been a whirlwind of driving, eating, visiting and more driving since our departure from Delaware. The next two weeks aren't going to change much but I wanted to drop a short blog with a few photos from our driving and our campgrounds.

Our first stop was in Gettysburg at Artillery Ridge Campground. We had been there before and it was as nice as ever. Not inexpensive due to 1) the popular area, 2) it being the high season and 3) the amount of amenities offered. We were only there for one night and had a nice long site. The highlight was meeting Stu's old partner, Bill Metcalf, and his wife Dottie, for breakfast the next day. Oh, and I forgot to take ANY photos of the campground...weird, I know. LOL!

Bill & Dottie Metcalf, Stu & Donna
From there we moved on to Fantasy Island Campground in Sunbury, PA. A decent park but not the best for big rigs. But we did enjoy the drive....PA is a pretty state, especially this time of year. We used our Passport America membership and only paid $20 for a 50 amp FHU site.

[all photos for the day here]
Then it was on to northern PA where we settled into the KOA in Marshburg - up on the hill from Bradford. If you have read my Klondike Mystery books - this is where they are set. My late husband and I lived there for three years and loved the area. It was time to meet friends - again, photo miss. Sorry! But I did take a lot of the campground and Bradford.

KOA's are never our first choice due to price, but this one is very nice AND convenient. No TV due to trees and almost no phone signal (so no WiFi).

[all photos for the stay here]
After three nights there, it was time to move northeast. Our next stop was at Babcock Hollow Campground (Jellystone) in Bath, NY.  A nice short day and pretty scenery being in the southern tier of NY state. Fairly convenient to the interstate but in the country, we liked the park and the management. No WiFi but they are working on it. We had TV and some phone/Internet. Oh, missed the site photo so this will have to do.

[all photos for the day here]
One night and we were on the road again - for a long day. We left at 10 am and weren't settled at the KOA in Newburgh, NY until almost 7 pm. Again, pricey but we had a great site. If we return, we will try to book the same spot. We managed (barely) to get TV but we had phone and Internet. Great campground, lots of amenities (that we never use). We were there to visit family and yes, I missed taking photos again. Guess I'm getting senile. Sigh...

Stu went out for a nice two hour motorcycle ride while I recouped from not feeling real well. Photos in the album (linked below). Also some nice pics of two antique cars we saw on our drive from Bath to Newburgh.

[all photos for the stay here]
A short visit and we were on the move north to Twin Ells Campground in West Chazy, NY. Another great rate, thanks to our Passport America membership. Up to five nights at $15 a night plus electric. Wonderful staff, nice location, quiet, amenities (that we won't use) and a great site. We have phone. We have Internet via our Sprint hotspot. We have free campground WiFi. We have a huge pull-through with 50amp FHU. A little brook runs behind our site for extra privacy. Ah...life is good. So good that we have booked the week after we leave the Escapade!

We have already run errands in Plattsburgh - found a Sam's Club as well as the Super Wal-Mart. Had a nice lunch at Duke's Diner and mailed some things. Today Stu went for a six hour motorcycle ride while I caught up with laundry and paperwork. Tomorrow he will probably ride again while I tackle Almost a Touch, book three in the Klondike mystery series.

[all photos for the stay here]
Saturday we head two hours to Essex Junction, VT for the Escapade. While there, we will be meeting up with a lot of RVing friends as well as new RVing friends that returned to the states from Ecuador where we initially met. We also hope to meet up with Bill & Dottie again.

We will be there until the 31st when we will move back here to Twin Ells. We have motorcycle friends coming in from Canada for a few days then. I'm hoping to get enough writing done to be able to enjoy a few rides! Blogging will happen as there is time....patience, please! LOL!

Ciao for now!