Heading Back to the States!

Just a quick note to all our family & friends in the US. We will be heading back the end of August for a two month visit.

We have a lot going on including my attending the Writer's Police Academy just after Labor Day weekend. We will visit family in Florida first, then Stu heads to our property to ready the rig for our drive to MD while I'm at the writing conference.

We will spend most of our time in the MD/DE area both visiting family/friends and attending to our annual medical/dental/vision appointments. We will also do the annual Red Helmet Ride and Stu is going to the Dover Races (benefiting the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation) with his buddies.

Then we reverse the process, dropping off the rig, visiting family in GA and then to Miami to fly back to Ecuador. Phew, I'm tired already.

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TECHNOLOGY: Great Home or Travel Accessory

We tend to travel with a lot of electronics: two Kindle e-readers, two cell phones, two iPads and often one if not two laptops. This means carrying a mass of cables and adapters/chargers, being careful of wattage requirements for the newer iPads (or other tablets, when we had Kindle Fires).

Over the years we have tried and tossed many different adapter/charger combinations, usually settling for a duplicate of what comes with our device pre-stashed in our toiletry bag. We even bought laptop bags that came with a battery and a host of charging plugs, handy but heavy.

While Stu was in the US, I ordered two of these SHARKK® 25W 5-Port USB Wall Plug Family-Sized Charger/Adapter from Amazon. As soon as he unpacked it, he put it to use. HUGE hit! He easily plugged in and charged his iPad Air, Kindle e-reader, iPod and Android phone. No muss, no fuss!

We can now travel with the one stashed in our luggage and the other works in our house. OR we can each put one with our travel stuff. Hmmm, thinking I may get two more when we are in the US this fall.

Oh, but you STILL have to remember to bring your cables! ;)

*for Apple iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad mini Retina / iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / All Apple Phones and Tablets / Android Smartphones & Tablets / Samsung Galaxy / Samsung Tab / Samsung Note / And other USB-Powered Devices

Internet Death: What Happens After You Die

We don't like to think about it. We don't want to talk about it. But it's a fact of life. We arent' getting out of it alive.

So what happens to the digital trails we leave behind? Bank accounts, Credit card accounts, Email? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all other social media outlets? Blogs, websites, tumblr? Shutterfly, SmugMug, Flickr and Picasa photos? Game sites, dating sites, video sites, support groups - we all leave a HUGE digital fingerprint behind us.

Here are some links to help figure out what you might need to do in preparation for that fateful day - today, tomorrow or years from now, we never know when.

  1. How to Create an In-Case-of-Emergency Everything Document to Keep Your Loved Ones Informed if Worst Comes to Worst
  2. Cyberspace When You're Dead
  3. Your Digital Afterlife
  4. 3 Important Reasons to Plan & Organize Your Digital Afterlife
It's a good idea to save this infographic below from WebpageFX
Created by WebpageFX
We all need to take time to think this through, analyze our cyberspace life and plan for the future!

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