Maintain, Fix and Repair

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I am so lucky to have such a mechanically inclined husband - and he enjoys it! Earlier this month he replaced the fuel bowl drain valve on the diesel engine in our F250 pickup, Scooby.

Now he is working on getting the A/C fixed in our Freightliner (Freddie).

He changes the oil in all our vehicles, changes the brakes, and does basic maintenance and repair as well. He has done several on-the-road repairs that still stagger me to think about them. Tire changes on the 41' toy hauler, brakes lines and shackles, too. He's replaced belts on the Freightliner, taken care of fuel filter issues, too. There are many more things but my lazy brain just doesn't remember them all.

Then factor in all the carpentry work he has done - work on our shed and pavilion back in TN as well as outfitting our new cargo trailer for optimum storage.

Say, maybe I should have saved this for a Father's Day tribute. Oops!

Ciao for now!

Leesburg Bikefest - First Day

Saturday, April 23, 2016

When we realized we would be staying in Florida until early June, we were happy for one main reason. Leesburg Bikefest! We attended in 2011 and really enjoyed it.

Our campground has seen several toy haulers come in for the weekend as well as several more hardy tent campers.

This year we knew we wouldn't attend more than one day and we opted for the first day when the crowds would be smaller. We were glad we did - the event has probably doubled in five years. Wonderful for the town!

We walked both sides of main street, stopped for lunch, enjoyed some of the custom bikes (especially two firefighter bikes from NJ in the TRIKES ONLY parking area that we didn't know about), as well as a few sweet cars.

The afternoon was capped off with a Blues Brothers performance.

We took the long, scenic way home, passing Gator Harley (can you say PACKED?) and ending with a movie. Life is good!

While we enjoyed ourselves, we realized something. Now that we aren't in buying mode, we spend a lot less time browsing the goods (and buying). In fact besides lunch and a bottle of water, the only thing we bought was a t-shirt for Stu (he says he's low on light-colored short-sleeve shirts). So while we enjoyed it, I'm not sure we would go again. And always, you can see our full album HERE. Oh, and this is the first time I've used my iPhone SE exclusively for photos - no camera!

Ciao for now!

Only a week?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Is it possible it's only been a week since we moved to our lot? We've gotten quite a bit done, best told with photos, I think.
  • Dug out all the bushes along one side of the lot
  • Had the pavers extended on both sides of the "bump-out" all the way to the road (or the tree on one end)
  • Bought big plastic planters, filled with rocks & Sacrete with an anchor in the middle, used to tie down the awning(s)
  • Bought new solar lights - our old ones were dead
  • Bought a new grill
  • Bought a fire pit
  • Bought a little seating set
  • Put out a few other accessories (flag windsock, spinning frog on a motorcycle, etc)
It's starting to feel like home!

And Stu decided to mark his (our) territory in the concrete they put on the edge of the pavers!

On a sadder note, yesterday coastal Ecuador suffered a massive 7.8 earthquake with some areas having close to 100 aftershocks. It was felt in Cuenca but no damage there, fortunately. As a developing country, the result was devastating. You can see some photos here. We have friends who live on the coast who have lost everything but their lives.

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Ciao for now!