A day in the life of #2Doods

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A little pictorial showing a typical day in the life of Cooper and Murphy, our #2doods.

I woke up to this...

Then it's time to eat...Cooper in the kitchen and Murphy (eating off a cookie sheet to slow him down) in the utility room.

Then the zoomies hit - no photo of the zoomies but it's when they race from room to room, inside and outside and back in, around the room and back out. This is what the bed looks like after an attack of zoomies.

Then it's time for some calmer play...

Or maybe a little wrestling...

Played out (for now), they assume this position...

Soon it's lunch time and then back outside.

Maybe a shared toy...

Maybe some cow chasing...

Or maybe a little mass destruction!

Don't they look sweet and innocent?

An afternoon treat...this one is homemade (not by me) pumpkin bars...yummy! Murphy finished first and is eying Cooper's...

A little more play (yes, that's Cooper's infamous tongue)...

Then an afternoon nap...

Before dinner - play - zoomies - and then bedtime. And tomorrow it will all happen again!

Ciao for now!

Sandboxes, rain and #2crazydoods

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

When we bought our house, there were two very sandy areas. One was a defined sandbox for the previous owner's grandson and the other was the pad for a hot tub (if I remember correctly). Currently, the sandbox area is still there sans the wood border. At some point, Stu plans on spreading it throughout the rest of the lawn and letting it fill with grass.

Until then...the rain that has been missing for several weeks has moved into the area, thank you Nate. What does that mean? I'll let the picture tell the story...

Believe it or not, this is nothing compared to yesterday when it was really wet outside and they were out playing for a good 45 minutes. The first thing I saw was Murphy with a tan nose. Oh my! Close behind him was Cooper with a tan beard. Both of them were full of sand. I toweled and brushed as best as I could and resigned myself to several vacuumings. Later in the day, I discovered the best solution to get rid of a sandy dog beard is their water bowl. Yup, it was full of sand!

Stu is really enjoying his time in Maryland. He's moved on to his fourth temporary B&B (stepdaughter's spare bedroom, daughter #1's camper, daughter #2's camper, brother's spare bedroom) and his final function is this weekend. If all goes well, he will be home sometime on Wednesday. Can't wait!

I did discover one thing morning as I shut the gate on the deck to keep them in the yard till they dried a bit. Cooper now easily jumps over the gate from the steps onto the deck. Sigh...so much for that little piece of mind. Definitely going to need a higher gate if we plan to use that at all. LOL!

Here's a picture from this morning. As they sit and wait for their morning treat, it's easy to see who's the quiet, patient one and who's the crazy, hyper one! #2crazydoods

And Murphy is smart, too. He knows where to put his Kong treat ball so Cooper can't reach it. LOL!

Ciao for now!

Snowbirds? Not this year...

Saturday, October 7, 2017

We've thought about it. We've talked about it. We thought some more. We talked some more. We made the decision...no Florida for us this year.

Many things come into play but one biggie is having two wild and wooly puppies that need a ton of exercise. We still have a lot of training to do and staying here will let us continue to work on both of them, both in classes and at home.

Yes, it will mean less motorcycle riding but when I lived in the area for three winters, I rode some every month. It also means we can visit Dollywood again. We bought season passes and haven't had time to use them yet!

Another bonus will be decorating (a little) for Christmas and attending some of the local functions. So much to do here locally.

It also lets us get an early start on yard items next spring. We need to do a lot of pruning as well as weed 'n feed the lawn. The dogs have destroyed the lily beds, so some of those bulbs will get moved to the front and side yard. They will be replaced with some type of shrub that they won't play in. LOL!

What happens to our RV lot? Easy, we get it added to the rental pool at Bee's RV Resort. If anyone might be interested in renting it for the season, let us know and we will get back to you with the details.

We still have two weeks of cruising in late Jan-early Feb and we plan to go. We will compare prices and either drive or fly to Tampa. The pups will get boarded (together) and will be fine. We will miss them, but they will have playmates and won't give us a second thought. LOL!

This doesn't mean the end of our RVing, we're just slowing down a bit and trying to savor each and every day as it comes....

Ciao for now!

#2Doods at Play

Thursday, October 5, 2017

This is what goes on hour after hour - inside, outside... Oh, and this is MILD compared to some play time. LOL!

Ciao for now!

AHHHH, October!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

It's October and I've decided to end my Celebrate the Small Things posts.  I'm returning to posting when 1) I have something to say/share, 2) I have cute puppy photos [shout-out to Cooper & Murphy], 3) we travel, 4) we do anything of interest and/or 4) it's been too long since my last post.

I've fallen into the habit of sharing things on Facebook and Instagram and forgetting to share them here. As of this month, I am backing way off posting on both of those. Not stopping, just trying to not visit/post as often.

So first off, I'm going to tell you about my last week. As you may or may not know, Stu is in Maryland attending several Firefighter functions and visiting family. I'm at home with Cooper - and now Murphy.

I will say it - I've been spoiled. Stu gets up early with Cooper and lets me sleep. No more, for the last twelve days, I've had to get up early - first with Cooper and now with him and Murphy. I already posted about Murphy's first night/morning. Oops!

But since then, we haven't had ONE accident - not one! Now the chewing is something else...he has such needle-teeth and he chews on everything. I divert as much as I can and use a lot of Apple Bitter spray. The two of them now sleep together in the newly purchased XL crate (the old was a M).

Old Crate - which Cooper was quickly outgrowing.
New crate, plenty of room for the two of them.
We have a routine. We get up, I go out with them for their morning duties. While I'm out, I gather up the toys that were carted outside the day before and pick up the poop I find. Back in and they eat - well Murphy does. Cooper isn't a big morning food person whereas Murphy is a gobbler. He eats in the utility room (door shut or baby gate up) and Cooper eats in the kitchen/dining area as usual. Murphy is eating off a large cookie sheet to spread the food around to slow him down. I also toss in a couple of ice cubes that slide around.

Fed, they may play for 20-30 minute, then they nap for an hour or so. Back outside, if the weather is nice, I close the gate at the top of the deck for an hour or so. That lets me get some things done - like vacuuming, sweeping, showering, etc. Lunch is usually between 12-1 with more outside play afterward, then dinner around 5pm. More play and by 8-8:30, they crash until 10-11pm for their last out before bedtime.

They love playing tug-of-war and Cooper's toys are showing the wear. We also have two nice young neighbor boys that like to come over in the afternoon for 20-30 minutes of play with the pups. We head to bed between 11pm and midnight and get ready for the next day. Here's the results from the last week of play. One grunting hedgehog with a split seam. One flat fox with a hole (and two other flatties not in the photo, the same) - favorite tug toy. One crab with stuffing coming out. One ball, deflated.

Has it all been fun? No, Cooper is almost 37# now and Murphy is 18#. Cooper is tall, Murphy is short. While most of the time Murphy can stand up for himself, sometimes Cooper has to go into a time-out till the excitement settles down.

They do travel well in the back of the pickup, fortunately. Murphy did well at his first vet visit. The big surprise was finding out his weight under Cooper's by less than 2# (Murphy was 12 weeks and Cooper was 16 weeks). Yup, we're going to have TWO BIG DOGS.

The other excitement was the neighbor coming over to tell me BOTH DOGS WERE OUT OF THE BACK YARD! Yikes! We were sure Stu had fixed the spot where Cooper had escaped and looking at it, he had. While we were trying to corral them, they scooted under the shed and back into the backyard. Ey-yi-yi!

Long story short, I suspect Murphy scooted under the shed to get away from Cooper for a bit but Cooper discovered he could fit and out they went. Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors who put up more fence wire around the shed to keep them in the backyard. Not thirty minutes later I look out and Cooper is standing on storage box - which means he could easily get over the fence if he tried. So I run out, scold him and do this. LOL!

So now it's day two and no escapes. Phew!

Yesterday they went to doggy daycare, played and had baths. Kept them a little quieter last night. It let me get a much-needed haircut and pick up groceries at Walmart. I still need to get fuel in the pickup, that's on the agenda tomorrow along with a dump run (yes, we take our trash to the local transfer station).

Stu should be home around October 19-20th (I hope, I hope, I hope). We have RVing friends coming to look at the property we have for sale. We'd love to sell it soon! Not much else new. I did luck into finding a great guy to mow the yard for us. He did a nice job and will be back in another 7-10 days to do it again. Oh, and we now have TWO calves in the pasture. At least Cooper has stopped barking at them. LOL!

I admit it's nice to FINALLY have book three of my Klondike mysteries done, now working on the paperback. Sales have been pretty slow, but I just hope those who do buy it, enjoy it. I think the series will end here. I do plan on writing the third in my Lei Crime Kindle World series, as time permits. I'm not sure I will write any more books...if I do, it will be shorter books (novella length) in the Lia Rules series I had planned to do. But nothing is final....

Click to Buy

Ciao for now!

9/29/2017: Celebrate the Small Things

Friday, September 29, 2017

It's Friday and time to post my Celebrate the Small Things on this blog.

If you'd like to join in the fun or check out some other participating blogs, click the image to the right or the link at the bottom of the page.

It's been an interesting week, my first taking care of Cooper 24/7. Well, except for Monday when he went to doggy day care and I was FREE for a day. LOL!

So, here are my celebrations for this past week...

We have a new friend in the pasture. The previous ones, Brownie & Blackie, went on to feed someone. Now we have a much smaller Blackie, or BB for Baby Blackie. Cooper is not a fan!

Cooper has gone into a MASSIVE chewing phase while his adult teeth are coming through. After two months of play with his favorite vinegar bottle, it was finally thrown in the trash. But not until after I got this hysterical picture of him laying on his back, playing with it - inside his crate!

Yes, he has out-grown it. When Stu gets home, he's converting a used crib into a wooden crate. Should be interesting. LOL!

For those who don't subscribe to my newsletter (and you really should), the first book in my Klondike (PA) Mystery series, Not a Whisper is currently FREE! If you've already read it, then tell your friends! If you haven't read it yet, you should. Why? Because I finally finished the third book, Almost a Touch, and it's available on PRE-ORDER.

But the biggest news is the addition of a second puppy to the house. On Monday I picked up a 12-week old puppy, Murphy. He's a Collie/Goldendoodle pup and will hopefully stay a little smaller than Cooper. They are doing wonderfully, no accidents in the house except the very first morning. Of course, it helps that the weather is nice enough to leave the back door to the deck open. LOL!

They are sleeping in the same crate - no more puppy cries all night like the first night. If I thought it was cramped for Cooper, you should see the two of them. LOL! So today an XL crate and pad will be delivered and set up. Phew!

Murphy has his first vet visit today...hoping all checks out. He is a snuggler, something that Cooper isn't. I'm loving that! Oh, you can see a TON of photos in their SmugMug Album. Here's a sample...

Yes, there are two dogs in that last photo.

Hoping you had something to celebrate this week!

Ciao for now!

Meet Murphy! (Yes, I'm crazy....)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cooper now has a little brother, Murphy. Note the flipped ear...just like Cooper except the opposite ear. LOL! Murphy is a Rough Collie/Goldendoodle mix. Here are pics of his mom (Collie) and dad (Goldendoodle).

Cooper is loving having a playmate, even if he has 1) way more energy at almost 6 months old than Murphy who is only 12 weeks old and 2) if he overpowers Murphy. Murphy is pretty good at taking it, will be fun to watch him grow.

So what do you call a Collie/Doodle mix? I'm going with Cadoodle...it's easy to say. LOL! Here are a few more pics from last night and this morning (which we will discuss below).

You can see a lot more on SmugMug, including a couple of videos of them playing. THIS ONE was taken the afternoon Murphy came home.

Murphy slept in Cooper's crate last night and Cooper slept in the bedroom like me. Cooper was an angel, never a peep. Murphy? Not so much....he barked, whined, fussed a lot but we both managed a couple hours of sleep. Finally at 5:30, he got much more insistent so I got up.

Oh my! He had pooped just at the edge of the crate, mostly out, some in. Cleaned that up, took them outdoors for a while. They came in and played and I put him in the guest bathroom with food and water while Cooper ate in the kitchen.

Within 10-15 minutes, he had managed to poop all over the bathroom, dump his water and food AND shred the roll of toilet paper into the middle of the mess. I put him into the bathtub, turned on the water, cleaned him up and then tackled the floor. So glad we have dozens of bar towels - perfect for puppy messes. LOL!

He has no collar or leash training but he does willingly follow me or Cooper - in and out of the house. In fact, it was Cooper who got him to go up and down the deck stairs. He mastered that quickly. I am happy for the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Not to keep them from going down, but to keep them in the yard for a bit. They play, tire out and then I let them in. Murphy likes to curl up into semi-protected spots, like under a dining room chair.

Today he is playing with toys, well, as much as Cooper will let him. No issues with resource guarding, just "stealing" anything Murphy is playing with. Murphy lets him without any issues.

Feeding is the hardest since we have to transition Murphy from his old puppy food to what we are feeding Cooper. Right now I am feeding a bit of both mixed, away from Cooper, who always wants what Murphy has. So I have to stand there while they eat. Murphy seems to be a gorge eater while Cooper does well as a free-feeder. So we will be modifying their eating until we see if Murphy can do free feeding.

So, I leave you with this photo...I had put Murphy in the chair for a break from Cooper. It gives you a better sense of the size difference.

I think it's time for a nap.....zzzzzzzzz

Ciao for now!

Our Jamestown TN Property for Sale

Sunday, September 24, 2017

We've had our property in Jamestown TN up for sale by owner for a while now, not sure if we ever sent it out to all our RV friends. Shame on us! We know it will take a unique buyer, someone that wants a ready-to-go place for their RV with room to build a house or cabin, or someone who wants to enclose the existing pavilion and convert it into living quarters. Small town living, good year round climate, no state income tax, friendly people and a beautiful state.

Please share this page with anyone you think might be interested!

5 Wooded Acres, set up for RV or mobile home
plus partially cleared spot for building a home.

Wooded, unrestricted 5 acres on county road in Fentress County, TN (just south of Jamestown). We bought this property in 2009 with the intent of eventually building a house. In the meantime, we added a 12' x 24' double door shed with large exhaust fan and a 24' x 60' (with 14' clearance) pavilion for our fifth wheel trailer and medium-duty Freightliner truck.

There is a septic tank, power, city water and a temporary phone line which provides DSL for internet. View the google satellite map view and the star is on our property. You can just see the roof of our buildings. To the left is our neighbor who owns the surrounding 15 acres. The cleared area is at the edge of our property and belongs to our neighbor.

No building permits are required per the Fentress County website.

Fentress County does not have zoning regulations or special building permit requirements. Please be sure to check the property deed for any specific restrictions that may be required for the property. All state laws for permits and inspections must be followed. For more information you may contact the County Executive’s Office 931-879-7713.
The property is south of Jamestown, TN. Small town living, good year-round climate, no state income tax, reasonable registration & insurance rates, friendly people and a beautiful state full of sights to see.

Fifteen minutes from Jamestown with a Super Walmart (including gas/diesel station), banks, service stations, restaurants & more. Fentress County is the county seat.

Here are some additional specifics:

  • 5 wooded acres on a quiet cul-de-sac
  • Gravel drive
  • Septic tank
  • City water
  • Electric & phone to pavilion (phone is temporary wiring)
  • County road
  • Pavilion 24' x 60' with 14' clearance
  • Shed 12' x 24' with electric, loft, storage shelves, workbench and exhaust fan
  • Creek with rock bluffs on one side, waterfalls at the back
  • Huge azaleas (like trees) along the creek
  • Second partially cleared area close to the road, middle of acreage (getting overgrown)
  • Culvert installed for access to the second area
  • No building codes (just electric hookup)
  • No restrictions other than no junkyards, no swine, and no outhouses
  • Pavilion could be converted to enclosed garage or even to a house
  • Quiet, secluded area
  • Current taxes are $88 a year 
NOTE: RV/Truck(s) not included in sale (see pricing at bottom of page)

Road running alongside the property
Property before pavilion or shed added
Pavilion with 41' toy hauler and medium-duty Freightliner under cover
Pavilion with F-250 and 41' toy hauler under cover
Shed, is on the right of the pavilion when looking towards the
road. Has large exhaust fan at one end.
Rock bluffs alongside the creek
Small year round creek currently needs cleaning of old trees, limbs, etc

Small year round creek

Star shows our property, if you look close you can see the pavilion roof.
The cleared property belongs to our neighbors & is on the edge of our property.

Asking $55,000 for the property
(cash only - no financing) 

Asking $140,000
for the property and the 41' 5th wheel toyhauler & Freightliner
(cash only - no financing)

If you would like to see the property, please contact us for showing.
We will be in Tennessee until sometime in late November.

Ciao for now!