We moved again!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Well, I knew it would happen but didn't expect it to happen so soon. We moved...yup, the walls came and and we headed back out on the road. But I think it was a short trip, seemed like I had just fallen asleep and we were there!

We didn't do anything yesterday after we moved but we did go for a bicycle ride. It felt good to stretch my legs and I got to find out about the other dogs here (not too many) and that there are lots of squirrels!! I like them....

Today we went for a motorcycle ride....YIPPEE!! We stopped for lunch and guess what...I got to come with mommy and daddy. I got to meet mommy's brother and his wife and another guy. I tried SO HARD to be good....even though there were other dogs there. I only barked a little...okay, maybe not so little but the other dog wouldn't even look at me!

After lunch we went for a nice ride where there was a LOT of water beside us. I heard mommy and daddy talking about things like oceans and intercoastal....I don't know what those are but I do know I saw a LOT of water and TONS of birds. One time I even saw a BALD EAGLE!!! I was so excited that I had to bark....he ignored me. Jeesh!!

Be sure to see my finished portrait in Debbie Goode's blog...she really captured the real me!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


Gloria said...

Wowser! What an artist that lady is! My Dad did one of me, not nearly as good though. Licky kisses, Billy

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